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Eva Lange

Why did I start my own company?
More than ten years ago I started to help clients and companies to keep developing and renewing themselves. As I love to work at different companies and like to meet new people, I started my own company in Holland in 2008. 
Through hard work and sometimes difficult discussions but much laughter and fun, the aim is always to deliver projects in time, budget and at the best possible quality.

How do people describe me?
I have worked for many companies on communication, project management and coaching assignments. I got my Master's degree in Communication Science in 2001 from the University of Amsterdam. People describe me as someone who thinks about things before she speaks, and as a woman who motivates others to get things done with a positive mindset. I always try to be as practical as possible. 

Some of my clients: 

Oracle, Stichting Philadelphia Zorg, ABN AMRO, ING, EquensWaternetNUON and APG.


I also coach individual clients in improving their time management skills and entrepreneurs with starting their own company and running it successfully.

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