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Some people know it immediately, they are entrepreneurs from the get go. Others ask themselves if they should start a business or want advise changing careers. Together we will look at the different opportunities so a good grounded choice can be made.

Communication means

Writing a business plan or finding potential clients, making promotional material, all these things have to be done when you start your own business. @EVA can help you with setting up network, finding the right congresses, making news letters, mailings or other promotional material like a professional intranet site or website.

Time Management

Dividing your time efficiently has a lot of advantages. Sometimes it is handy to let an outsider look at your schedule and get advice on how to manage your tasks better. It saves energy, time and helps you to prioritize and makes your goals clearer so you can focus on the important things for your company. 


Learning how to plan

By getting insight on how you spend your time, you will be able to make a more efficient planning. By experimenting with different methods and techniques, we will find the best schedule for you. All to make sure you work as efficient and care free as possible and manage to have enough free time. 

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